Smart Vend Corporation provides the sale and support of electronic card systems utilizing smart (chip) card and magnetic stripe card technology. Smart Vend’s electronic card systems can be found in corporate campuses, colleges and universities, correctional facilities, hospitals, hotels, cruise ships, and laundry facilities.

Electronic Cash Systems have paved the way to economically automate payment within the small value transaction market. In the early stages, the principal applications for the company’s products were for coin and card operated photocopier and cash registers within closed environments, such as corporate food cafeterias and libraries. Utilizing student identification cards on the University market as a payment method has provided our company with tremendous growth over the past four years. Students are able to “store value” on their student ID and purchase services within the campus such as, vending, laundry, photocopier and POS. In addition, encrypted data on the smart chip allows secure access to the student’s grades and classes.

Our Business

Smart Vend repositioned its focus to become the leading distributor and integrator of an electronic cash payment system for multi-vendor/multi-application environments. Smart Vend is a Master Distributor for Heartland MicroPayments and Monitor Business Machines. We have an extensive record of providing applications for:

  • Offering consumers many convenient ways to either purchase or revalue electronic cash cards.
  • Presenting many new ways to spend the value on the card for small value purchases in both attended and unattended point of sale locations.
  • Achieving financial settlement between the value (electronic cash card) issuer and the vendor/merchant who accepts the card as payment such as Coca Cola, Pepsi, Xerox, IKON and Canteen Commissary Services.