One Card, Many Uses

Employees can have an all inclusive “One Card” that serves them in many areas of the workplace. Card systems dramatically increase the speed of cafeteria lines, and give employees access to dining, copier, parking and snack funds 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Employee Incentives and Subsidies

Companies can leverage the card system to adjust individual or departmental meal plans to reflect meal discounts for recognition of service and achievement. Card systems also enable companies to provide multiple levels of discount by department and individual employee on a regular basis.

Revenue Generation and Cost Savings

Electronic cash systems increase sales through impulse buying and higher average meal purchases. Additionally, these companies earn a profit from “float generation” and residual monies as a result of people purchasing visitor cards. They have also found that when lines move faster, they can reduce the labor ¬†needed at the checkout and the number of people needed to provide cash handling and the route operations.

Corporate Solutions
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